Preparing the Scrap Metal for Pick up: Actually Easier than it looks

The prospect of making money out of scrap materials that will be reused later on may be tempting to people aware of multiple related environmental concerns. Australia, in particular, uses up to 450,000 tonnes of steel a year for various purposes; its mining industry is also bustling with activity but at an energy-intensive risk, plus safety issues such as tailings. As such, you can do your part for the environment by arranging a scrap metal pick up through companies like Global Resources.

Preparing the scrap metal for recycling requires a lot of handiwork. For instance, you need to learn how to segregate aluminum items from those made of steel; it also applies to determining which metallic items attract a magnet and which don’t. However, much caution on potential saleability is needed; according to Hamilton, a recycler may reject anything that has commercial purposes (e.g., railroad, industrial-strength wire) unless you have documentation to prove you’re deputised to dispose of the


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